Pond Springs Road

Project Background

In order to relieve congestion, improve safety and accommodate the area’s growth, Williamson County is improving Pond Springs Road by adding left-turn lanes, bike lanes and a sidewalk. Residents of the area contacted the county to request these improvements; the project was approved by voters as part of the 2006 bond election.


Location Parallel to and just east of US 183, beginning north of McNeil Road, continuing north for 1.9 miles, and ending short of the intersection with the US 183 frontage road.
Description The proposed improvements along Pond Springs Road include a 12-foot center turning lane between two 11-foot travel lanes. These improvements will end before the roadway connects with US 183 frontage roads. Six-foot shoulders will be built as well, which the City of Austin plans to upgrade to bike lanes in the future. A five-foot sidewalk to improve pedestrian safety will be added to the east side of the street. To protect the environment, the road will be constructed at a slight slant to the east side where a 15-foot grass strip will be added to ensure water quality.
Status This project is substantially complete and open to traffic August 2010.

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