Program Overview

When we began the Road Bond Program in 1999, we knew that improving the infrastructure of the County was key to building a sound foundation for Williamson County's future. It would increase the quality of life for residents and help spur new economic development. We wanted to make travel easier throughout the County for everyone.

In 2000, Williamson County voters passed a $350 million road bond package. Those bonds paid for the first phase of the county’s multi-corridor transportation plan. More than 70 road projects were completed including $150 million for right-of-way for toll roads SH 45, SH 130, Loop 1 and 183A.

In 2006, Williamson County voters passed a $228 million road bond package for further road improvements including, but not limited to, Westinghouse Road, Pond Springs Road, Lakeline Boulevard, Brushy Creek Road, Ronald W. Reagan Boulevard, Georgetown Inner Loop, Chandler Road, Arterial A, IH-35, RM 620, US 79, FM 1660, FM 1460 and RM 2243.

This website is your link to updates on road projects funded by the 2000 Road Bond, 2006 Road Bond and the  Pass-Through Financing Program.

Order Calling a Bond Election for Novermber 7, 2006

Multi-Corridor Transportation Plan