IH-35 Northbound Ramps

Location IH-35 From Westinghouse to SH 29.
Description Construction of new frontage road and ramps.

TxDOT Pass-Through Financing agreement has been executed.  An open house was held on April 12, 2012. To view the open house handouts, click here.   A groundbreaking ceremony was held on January 31, 2013.  Construction is underway and is anticipated to be completed in late Spring 2015.

For the latest construction update, click here.

A closure of the main lanes of IH-35 will take place on the night of April 6, 2015, (Monday night/Tuesday morning).  Lane closures will begin at 7:00 p.m. on the side streets and 8:00 p.m. on the main lanes.   This closure is necessary to set beams for the turnaround bridge.  The northbound closure will be located from just north of Westinghouse Road to SH 29.  The southbound closure will be located from just south of Williams Drive to Inner Loop Road.  Expect delays on the mainlanes in both directions and some delays on the Southbound Frontage Road.

1.    The closure of the main lanes will drop the number of lanes from 3 to 1.  The single lane will exit onto the frontage road and will proceed thru the Leander Road intersection and will be directed back onto IH 35.   
2.    The Leander Road Bridge that goes over IH 35 will be closed to traffic so the signals will be put on flash to allow the traffic from the main lanes to proceed thru the intersections without stopping.  
3.    Since the Leander Road Bridge over IH 35 is blocked off, traffic on Leander Road on both sides of the interstate will be put into one lane and forced to turn right to get onto the frontage road.  
4.    For Eastbound Leander Road:  Traffic will turn right to get onto the southbound frontage and proceed to Inner Loop and Austin Avenue to get back to Leander Road to go north on IH 35.  
5.    For Westbound Leander Road:  Traffic will turn right to get onto the northbound frontage and proceed to SH 29 where they can turn left to get onto the southbound frontage road to go south on IH 35.  
Please proceed through the work zone with caution.  At least 8 police officers will be on hand to provide a assistance during this closure.


Contact E-mail roads@wilco.org or phone 512-943-3370


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