Inner Loop Safety Improvements

Location SE Inner Loop from Maple Street to Belmont Drive
Description   The project will widen portions of Inner Loop to provide a right turn lane and left turn lane at Wilco Way, Rockride Lane, the Williamson County Animal Shelter, and the Williamson County Central Maintenance Facility.

The design of SE Inner Loop from Maple Street through Rockride lane was completed by Rodriguez Transportation Group. The design of SE Inner Loop at the Central Maintenance Facility was completed by Bridgefarmer & Associates.

A Groundbreaking Ceremony was held on Friday, October 6. Chasco Constructors is the contractor. Construction is underway. The project is anticipated to be completed in fall 2018 at a cost of $5.3 million. 

Contact Email or phone 512-943-3370
 P. No P226 & P251 

Project Map

Inner Loop Safety Improvements Map