RM 620 Phase 2

Location From Cornerwood to Deepwood Drive
Description This RM 620 project is approximately 2.74 miles in length and is made up of two segments.

Segment 1 (Cornerwood Drive to Wyoming Springs Drive):
This segment of roadway is a TxDOT project to restripe the existing four lane section to a six lane section.  Sidewalks along the north side of RM 620 in this segment are also planned; however funding has not been identified at this time.  

Segment 2 (Wyoming Springs Drive to Deep Wood Drive):
This segment of roadway is a Williamson County project to widen the roadway from four to six lanes and will include new curb and gutter and a raised median.  This segment will also include left and right-hand turn lanes, culverts, water-quality facilities, retaining walls and construction of sidewalk along the north side of RM 620 to fill in the current gaps.

Status Segment 1: To be completed by TxDOT as funding becomes available.

Segment 2: The bid was awarded to Cox Commercial Construction on November 30, 2016. Construction started on January 13, 2017, and is anticipated to be completed in Spring 2018. 

The County’s contractor, Cox Commercial, has scheduled closures of the center median crossovers on the RM 620 Project from Wyoming Springs to Deep Wood.  The center median crossover from eastbound RM 620 to Oakwood will be closed from May 29 until June 1.  Access to Oakwood from Eastbound RM 620 will be via Oaklands.  The center median crossover from Eastbound RM 620 to the emergency vehicle driveway will be closed from May 29 to June 1.   Emergency vehicles on Eastbound RM 620 will need to use the Hospital driveway or Oaklands to access the driveway during this time. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes our residents. 

Contact Email roads@wilco.org or phone 512-943-1195

Project Map

RM 620 Phase 2