Forest North Drainage Improvements

Location Forest North neighborhood
Description The project consists of local drainage improvements in the Forest North neighborhood. Design and construction are being completed by zone as funding becomes available. 

Phase 1
There are a total of eight work zones in Phase 1. A map of the neighborhood and work zones can be found in the "Project Zone Map" under Documents. 

Phase 2
There are a total of seven work zones in Phase 2. A map of the neighborhood and work zones can be found in the "Project Zone Map" under Documents.
Status Phase 2: Design work by K Friese & Associates for the Phase 2 drainage improvements is complete. AT&T relocations have been completed throughout the neighborhood. Funding for the construction of Phase 2 has not been identified. When funds become available, work in Phase 2 will proceed.

Phase 1: The bid was awarded to DeNucci Constructors LLC on June 9, 2016. Construction started on August 11, 2016, and is anticipated to be completed in Spring 2018. 

Zones to be completed by Williamson County Road and Bridge:
The work in the Bayswater Zone already has been completed by the Williamson County Road and Bridge Division. Work in the Anderson Mill Zone is anticipated to start in the fall of 2018. 

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- Vehicles parked on the street will need to be relocated when work occurs.

- If you wish to preserve items in the right-of-way (custom mailboxes, landscaping, planters, trees, irrigation systems, etc.), you must remove them now. Items that are not removed by the time construction begins will be removed and disposed of by the contractor.

- Mailboxes in the path of drainage work will be removed and replaced with standard units. We are in close communication with the Post Office to ensure there is no disruption of mail service.

- Some driveways will require reconstruction to install new drainage pipes. Driveways will be accessible by the end of each workday. Notice will be provided at least 48 hours prior to any driveway-access interruptions. 

- Irrigation systems in the path of drainage work will be removed, capped at the right-of-way line and will not be replaced.
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Project Map